Q: How long will one Purophy® bottle last?

A: Each bottle will last up to 400 sprays. 

Q: Why is Purophy® different from other sanitizers?

A: Most sanitizers are for hands only, have harmful chemicals, make your hands feel like you need to wash them and barely last a few days. Purophy® can be used anywhere (not just hands), it doesn't have any harsh chemicals as our blend is plant-based and also made with 100% organic aloe vera. Purophy® also doesn't make your hands feel "goopy" or messy. Our product takes clean and fresh to another level. On top of that, one Purophy® bottle can last in some cases 5-10 times as long as a standard pump gel hand sanitizer, which in the long run will save you money.

Q: What percentage of denatured alcohol is in Purophy®?

A: Purophy® is made of 70% denatured alcohol. This amount is 10% above the CDC recommended level.

Q: How long does it take to ship?

A: We offer FedEx Standard 5-7 Day and FedEx 2-3 Day Priority Shipping, available at checkout.

Q: What countries do you ship to?

A: Currently we only ship to the continental United Sates & Canada.

Q: Do you offer wholesale?

A: Yes, we have a minimum order of 100 single bottles. This means there are 50 bottles with a spray cap and 50 bottles are refill capped. We offer a discounted price per bottle for wholesale. The buyer is responsible for 100% of the shipping cost. To place a custom wholesale order, please contact us here: https://purophy.com/pages/support

Q: How can I track my order?

A: You will receive a notification automatically that is sent to the email you purchased with, with your tracking number. You can also track your order anytime by visiting this page: https://purophy.com/apps/trackingmore and entering in your information.